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Fine Art Giclée

We produce the highest quality Fine Art Giclées for artists and publishers who demand the best.

We primarily work with artists, publishers, and galleries wanting top quality reproductions for resale. We rarely do “one off ” prints, for example, if someone wants just one reproduction of their favorite painting.

Giclées are a fine art reproduction usually produced in very limited editions. The word "Giclée" comes from the French words gicleur "nozzel" and gicler "to spray or spurt" was coined in California by early developers of the process to define output from the Iris® ink jet printer as a recognizable product.

We remain committed to and very excited about the Giclée process and what it offers everyone from the artist, publisher, gallery owner and eventual buyer.

We use state of the art in house systems to create profiles of all our ink and substrate combinations. Industry leading software and equipment coupled with our determination to produce the best possible Giclée for the artist often produces dramatic results.

Producing a top quality Giclée

Requires a unique combination of hardware and software combined with operator skill and perseverance. At Creative Avenues proofing continues until we have obtained the maximum quality that the Giclée technology is capable of. That is the difference between our quality and general production houses’ output.

What is exciting about a Creative Avenues Giclée?

It is the combination of the high quality product with generally small edition sizes that creates value for discerning buyers. We run things a little differently than most printers by running on small print volumes. This way an artist with an edition of 300 doesn't have to get them all printed at once. For example, the artist could print as few images as desired to see how the market reacts before buying more. This allows the artist to print on demand.

Most of us have wanted to buy an image that was owned by someone else or one that was out of our reach financially. Giclées fill that gap. For a fraction of the price of an original, a few select buyers enjoy a superior quality image that retains the lustre and intensity of the original artwork.

Of the various Giclée methods available, when produced by a dedicated art printer such as Creative Avenues, ours are superior to all other Giclée products in retaining the subtle details and the "feel" of the original. Gone forever are those dull, flat looking prints!

Ours are known for their vivid colors, exceptional detail, and smooth gradations. With our Epson 9800 archival inks on canvas the life expectancy of a Giclée is about 69 years before noticeable fading occurs, depending on substrate, lighting conditions, etc. For further details on the research on this go to

Care of Giclées

Canvas Giclées can be wiped with a clean lint-free cloth. Do not clean with furniture polish, water or any other household cleaners.

Displaying Giclées

You can hang your Giclées in almost any area of your living or office space. Avoid steamy bathrooms where the excessive moisture fluctuations may cause papers to buckle and inks to discolor on canvas or paper. Do not hang directly over aquariums or humidifiers, nor in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight or continual high intensity lighting will accelerate deterioration of any Giclée.

Handling and Storage of Giclées

Handle Giclées carefully avoiding contact with sharp objects. Most damaged canvas Giclées are a result of being hit against another object, which cracks the base canvas preparation. Second most common damage is from moisture. Avoid getting the Giclées wet.

Store Giclées off concrete floors, preferably upright and away from any direct heat, light or water source in a cool and well ventilated space.That means do not store on your basement floor if you want them to last. Changes in humidity may cause canvas to stretch resulting in "waves" in stretched canvases.

We have transported our Giclées to and from art shows in rain, snow, and extreme cold conditions with no damage. If Giclées are handled with care and packaged well, they transport well.


We have a selection of Giclées available at our location. This selection offers some excellent examples of the various reproductions of oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, pen and pencil.

Our shop is located in SE Calgary, 10 minutes from downtown. We ship our products anywhere serviced by courier or bus.


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